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Here is a list of commonly asked questions concerning our products:
-         Does your company have different sales point in Canada?
We distribute our products directly from our manufacturing plant, but we have affected salesman taking care of the province of Quebec and all the Maritimes. All western Canadian, Ontario and the US’ sales are directly maintained by our internal sales team at the production plant.
-         What territory is covered by the company?
Dynamic primarily sells to the Maritimes, the province of Quebec, part of Ontario and the US.
-         Where are the warranties done on your products?
In order to satisfy our clients, Dynamic offers many different locations to have warranty done on its products. Please report to the contact section of the website for further information. We will be pleased to serve you.
-         Do you offer rental on your products?
We do not offer any rentals, though we can help you find a rental company in your area.
-         Do you offer financing?
There is no financing available. All invoices are due in 30 days.
-         Where can we get parts for our Dynamic box?
We keep a wide range of all the products used in our Dynamic box. We try to have the fastest service for you to acquire those parts, and we ship them directly from our plant. Please use the contact sheet to reach the parts department.
-         Is the company registered with Transport Canada?
Dynamic has the intermediary and final stage manufacturer certification for Transport Canada, to affix the national safety mark .
-         Does the company offer to apply commercial decals on their products?
Yes. We offer a ‘’key in hand’’ product witch includes all the necessary equipment and accessories for you to work with. When it leaves, it’s ready to work!
If these questions did not answer all your concerns, please feel free to complete the appropriate section in the contact page. We will be pleased to answer any of your concerns.

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